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Best Way to Find your Job in Sri Lanka

Finding the best job is not an easy challenge. Most of the job seekers think there are basically only three ways to find a job: resume, ads and agencies. Actually, there are many ways to find a job, and it can be quite a challenging process. It is important to use a range of job search methods to seek out advertised and unadvertised opportunities.

       01. Web Sites.

 There are many job sites on the web. But the best job website in Sri Lanka have tools that are quick and easy to use and allow to job seekers to find a job, based on the type of jobs they’re looking for, their location and many criteria.

Finding your job through online is convenience. Job seeker can access thousands of job opportunities from the comfort at home. You need not to drive to employer to ask whether they have job opportunities.

02.Magazines and Newspapers.

 Job searching has become too complex and challenging to ignore print media. Searching through newspapers, magazines and other publication can still yield valuable job leads in Sri Lanka.

Newspapers are still a common method of looking for a job in Sri Lanka, and checking both newspapers and internet posting as a part of job search effort will give best job opportunities to finders. 

03.Finding Jos at Company Website.

 If you have a targeted list of companies to approach for job opening, visiting directly to the source to search for work on their company website is an efficient job search method. At many company sites you can apply for all level of positions online.

Many job vacancies are listed in the career section of the employer’s website, though they could also add it under the About Us section or at the bottom at the page “More Information” Just about every company has detailed employment application, company location and how to apply online.

04.Network and Personal Contacts.

Most of job opening exist within the personal contacts. Job seekers cannot find them advertised on the internet or other media. Often, some of the best jobs are in the hidden job market. Employers want to avoid spending time reviewing hundreds of resumes and interviewing people who may be unqualified for the position. Instead they seek to fill positions through personal contacts with people referred to them.