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Yeah Interviews can be tough. Most of job seekers have spent hours researching companies, reading reviews, and asking for tips from current employees before walking into an interview for jobs in Sri Lanka. Despite all the preparation they put, they could possibly have done worse.

Based on some experiences, here are our best interview tips to help to get any job vacancy as your next dream job. When you find a Best job vacancy, these are to try at first…


01.  Research the Company and Interviewer

Most of interviewers are eliminate candidates because they had no knowledge of the company. Take your time to go through the company’s website, Social channels, Glassdoor, blogs and Wikipedia. It will definitely help to more points in the interview.

Based on your research and email conversation, make sure to have a clear idea how well you’re going to relate with the interviewers, and prepare accordingly.


02.  Craft your personal story

the person interviewing you likely doesn't want to hear you asking about what the day-to-day activities will be--they want to hire an expert in your field, so act like one. Be sure to refresh your memory on your most relevant recent experience and craft an engaging story that effectively communicates your employment journey. Focus on how your experience will benefit your potential new employer.

During the interview,

03.  Dress code

Suit or a causal? The answer is it all depends on the job we are interviewing for. Some candidates are eliminated because they were too fashionable or trendy. Don’t be afraid to ask how you should dress for the interview.


04.  Perfect Handshake

Most of candidate’s handshake is weak. You may think it will not be a necessary thing in Sri Lanka. But don’t act like no personality. Master the art of the perfect handshake is required to practice at home before going to an interview.


05.  Use Confident Posture

Some interviewers in Sri Lanka say they’ve eliminated candidates after an interview because of bad posture. As you're waiting in the lobby, standing, and walking around the office, be mindful of how your posture looks to the people around you. Are you slouching, or confidently arching your back? Take a launch stance while standing, and keep your back arched while sitting down for conversation.


06.  Eye Contact

Don’t be eliminated by failing to make Eye contact. That is important. Most of people have difficult time trusting someone who constantly looking down or around the room instead of confidently communicating.


07.  Follow up Thank you email

At the end of the day, be sure to send a brief personalized thank you email to the company you interviewed. If you don’t hear back within four to five working days, it’s completely acceptable to follow-up with company.