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Career Advice

To be a human resource manager

To become an HR manager, you would need some qualifications. At least you need bachelor’s degree. If you have minimum qualifications you can try HR Jobs in Sri Lanka.  Also there are many websites Which publish HR related jobs, If you have minimum qualifications don’t waste your time..  apply online now.!!

If you don’t have idea how to be a HR manager follow these simple steps.


Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's degree programs in human resources are usually available through a school's business or management department. Common degrees include a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources. After that,

You should try to complete an internship to gain real world experience. An internship might be offered as part of an academic program and can enhance your learning experience by providing practical context for concepts learned in the classroom.

Step 2: Gain Work Experience

Graduates of human resources bachelor's degree programs generally are prepared for entry-level positions, such as HR assistant or HR specialist. Responsibilities and tasks might include assisting with keeping records of employee benefits, work performance and compensation.

Step 3: Apply for a Manager Position

Most manager positions require some experience in the field; usually up to 5 years of work experience as an HR generalist or assistant is necessary. You must have excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal relations skills.

Step 4: Consider Certification

While your working time try to add some professional qualifications, get some certifications.

Simply follow these exactly you can be a HR manager..!!