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HR Job vacancies in sri lanka

There are so many HR jobs in sri lanka, if you can find job vacancies in sri lanka through the online job sites.

If you are interested in a career in Human resources, today is the best time to start looking for HR jobs in Sri Lanka. The economy of Sri Lanka is growing, more and more foreign companies are coming to the Sri Lankan market and local firms are expanding. The sectors of construction and tourism in particular are developing rapidly. This economic growth calls for more employees, from low-skilled workers to highly qualified executives, which is a lot of work for companies. To find new employees, firms need the help of qualified Human Resources specialists, the number of HR jobs vacancies is therefore booming.

If you plan to build your career in human resources, you can look for a position in the HR department of a company. Big firms usually have their own HR department where specialists are trained to hire the right people who will fit the spirit of the company. HR departments also usually work closely with the legal department and handle some of the tasks of the administrative staff. HR executives in a company are supposed to know more than anyone what the values of the company in order to be able to recruit the right people, who not only have the competencies but also the right state of mind and who will fit into the team.



If you are looking for a position in HR, you can apply for the following positions:

  • Recruitment Director
  • Recruiter
  • Head of HR
  • HR Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • HR Systems and Reward Analyst
  • HR Policy Specialist
  • Recruitment Advisor

And many more!