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Build Your Path in Tourism Industry

Tourism has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. And now Hotel & Tourism is one of the main world. And now sources of many developing countries. Since gaining independence in 1947 , Sri Lanka has continued to attract foreign investors & tourists to the island. And opens a gateway to new jobs in Sri Lanka . As Sri Lanka has always been a tourist destination due to its strategic location, job vacancy were created for skilled manpower in this industry.


             Tourism is one of the most powerful & largest industries.& one of the largest exports & drivers of economic growth globally. It’s an environmentally friendly industry. It helps to preserve natural resources that might otherwise be depleted ,& can help restore resources that have been degraded , by giving them economic value. Indigenous culture wildlife , & nature reserves are nearly always located in rural areas , where poverty is often the greatest. Tourism offers incredible opportunities to contribute to both the economic development & conservation of a destination.


              Hotel & tourism plays a major role in tourism industry. Hotel schools were created to develop skilled manpower for existing accommodation establishments. Hotels were renovated & were used as prime accommodation facilities for foreign visitors. Modern facilities include en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning  or climate control, telephone , an alarm clock , a television & Internet connectivity. Additional guest facilities may provide in larger hotels such as a restaurant, a swimming pool or childcare.


   Today Sri Lanka offers leisure & business opportunities & trade options to their business travelers. The beach resorts were the main attractions & underwater life that surrounds the island. Gives its visitors to unwind & relax in a warm & comfortable  environment .The ancient in a warm Anuradhapura, the historic city of Kandy & the mountain region dominated by the tea plantations were the other attractions to visit .visitors can also visit the wildlife sanctuaries. Sri Lankan Government is committed to the development & growth of the local tourism industry.